Oby Ezekwesili, a prominent Nigerian activist has slammed the Nigerian Government’s decision to introduce a new national anthem, citing the country’s numerous governance issues.

Ezekwesili termed the move as “majoring in the minor” and an “egregious case” of misplaced priorities.

She encouraged citizens to take responsibility for the country’s future, as reliance on the government or external saviors is futile. Ezekwesili urged Nigerians to recognize the need for collective action to address the country’s challenges, labeling the political class as the “biggest curse” on the nation.

She said: “Oby Ezekwesili @obyezeks “Wow! “With all the horriale indicators on the state of governance? “So, it is a new National Anthem that is their priority? “I frankly thought it was a joke and gave it no attention. “What an egregious case of ‘Majoring in the Minor’ this is! “Wow! “Again, no one is coming to save us, Citizens of Nigeria. “WE’re all WE have.

“We all must someday decide to collectively save ourselves and this country from these overpaid, unethical, incompetent and incalable “Lawbreakers” in the @nassnigeria and their similarly characterized collaborators in the Executive and Judicial branches of Government across this Land.

“The Citizens of this country must understand this absolute Truth by now that the PaC COLLAGE Class is the biggest cu e on this country.”


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