It’s been over 3months since Desmond Idiot (as many call him now) sorry Elliot showed us his true colors. It was the time when we needed him the most, the time when our adrenaline was pumping and the entire country was in high sprits.

Ah ah! Oga D slyed us oh! And to think that when he won a seat in the Lagos house of assembly we were happy because we thought the young people now have a voice. But what did he do? He took the voice, buried it and amplified the voice of his Godfathers.

Since he was dragged like a faulty generator on social media for trying to ban social media, Desmond Elliot disabled commenting under his Instagram posts. Hehehe, Oga who are you posting for if we cannot comment!?

Even after posting a photo of he and his wife of 17years, He still turned off the comment obviously because of the nonsense he did during the #endsars protest. The fear of Nigerian youths and their mouth is truly the beginning of wisdom oh thank God he knows.

The one and only Nollywood lover boy! Desmond was once loved by many oh, everyone who watched Nollywod movies while growing up definitely loved Desmond Elliott but now politics has evolved him!

Oga D if you like turn off comments on your posts, we are watching you like Netflix! Trust Nigerians na, they will not stop until they’ve trolled him to stupor. I say Ayyy! Let the trolling continue until he can prove to us again that he’s on our side!
If you’re with me on this one say “ Ayyy” if you’re not say “Nay”

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