Young Nigerian talent Hyzah went viral on social media hours after he posted a video of himself freestyling on Instagram. The young artist was filmed by his friends while he freestyled to a beat in what looked like the slums of Lagos.

Since the video dropped it has gotten lots of reactions from Nigerians. You know that when Nigerians like you they will push you. From retweets to reposts that’s how Hyzah’s journey to fame begun.

He started Instagram with only 2 followers, but in two days his followers have grown to 68,000. International music platforms also noticed the young star and they have been re-sharing the viral video. 

Early this morning he shared a screenshot showing that the one and only champagne papi Drake followed him on Instagram. He was overjoyed and grateful to everyone who shared his video.

Omo! When God says it’s your time nobody can stop it ooh! We cannot wait to hear what the young artist has in store for us because obviously, the music industry has just received another genius. 

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