Bad energy stay faaaarr awaaaay! That’s the slogan for our lives this 2021 oh. As we are chopping life we must leave fake people behind. 

The full gist has finally come out, yesterday we saw a video of Zlatan denying DJ Cuppy in an interview on Soundcity TV. The popular singer acted like he didn’t even know she exists. 

I have been wondering what could’ve caused this kind of reaction and now the truth is finally out. Davido’s personal logistics manager took to his Instagram to share a post where he spilled the tea on all that transpired between DJ Cuppy and Zlatan

According to him, Cuppy didn’t give Zlatan one Kobo for the collaboration in ‘Gelato’ and she also didn’t take care of his accommodation or feeding, Zlatan fended for himself and his team. Haba Otedola pikin! DJ Cuppy! Ah ah! The fundraiser that she raised over 2billion naira, that had elites like Dangote and her father. 

Till today we have not seen what she used the money for oh. That one is not my concern sha, my concern is that even though Zlatan was not too big then, he just blow, that’s not the right way to treat an artist you worked with nau! 

Can you blame Zlatan for out rightly denying her existence? We wouldn’t have even known about this thing if Cuppy did not expose herself with her own hand in her tweet.

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