According to an exclusive report by Linda Ikeji today, Thursday, May 10, 2024, Davido has terminated the services of Bobo Ajudua, with whom he shares a history dating back to their secondary school days, where Ajudua was Davido’s senior.

Despite their longstanding relationship, the reason for the dismissal has not been disclosed.

Interestingly, Davido’s aide, Isreal DMW, caught the attention of fans on Instagram shortly after news of Bobo Ajudua’s alleged firing surfaced. Isreal shared a video of himself donning Edo traditional attire and dancing joyously, hinting at a celebratory mood. Additionally, Isreal shared laughing emojis on his Instagram stories and later posted a photo of Davido accompanied by a caption brimming with praise.

However, as of the time of this report, neither Davido nor Bobo Ajudua has made any official statements regarding the alleged termination. The claim was again reposted by an online influencer who shared a chat with an anonymous source alleging the lawyer’s dismissal.

The lack of confirmation or denial from the involved parties has left fans speculating about the situation, prompting discussions across social media platforms. Until an official announcement is made, the true nature of Davido and Bobo Ajudua’s professional relationship remains uncertain.


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