While the flames of the ongoing Davido and Wizkid feud continue to flicker on Nigerian social media, particularly Twitter (now X), Davido has surprised fans with a vibrant music video for the song, Kante, featuring super gifted singer-songwriter, Fave. 

This particular move comes just days after the internet crackled with anticipation for a potential diss track he teased on his Instagram story, titled “Jesus Is King,” a phrase Wizkid has recently championed.

Instead of escalating the online drama, Davido has opted to focus on a fan favorite from his latest and fourth studio album, Timeless. Directed by frequent collaborator Dammy Twitch, the music video for Kante is a feast for the eyes, awash with color and pulsating with positive energy.

The video seamlessly blends scenes of Davido and Fave taking center stage in a club setting with vibrant, eye-catching locations. Choreography takes center stage as both artists, alongside a skilled group of dancers, showcase their moves. From synchronized routines to individual flourishes, the video is a testifies to the infectious energy of the song.
This visual treat serves as a strong reminder of Davido’s energy, and it’ll definitely have fans wanted more of what he has in his arsenal. His hint at additional music videos from the Timeless album suggests a continued focus on the album’s positive energy.

One thing is for sure, Davido, Fave and Dammy Twitch have delivered a captivating music video that celebrates the beauty of Afrobeats.

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