When you add Davido and Teni the entertainer together you know that there will be chaos because these two are noise makers! 

Teni the entertainer took to her Instagram page to share some videos on her story, the video was funny and also called for a ‘SMH’ moment. She and Davido were cruising round the streets of Lagos in a convertible car and escort cars.

Chai, it’s not easy to be a celebrity ooh, especially in these corona times because maybe it’s boredom that caused this one now oh! Davido on the streets of Lagos? You know what will happen next nau. The crowds will follow like bees! 

That’s how Lagos boys started pursuing the car, oh, but me I was just waiting for the moment when Davido will bring money out of his bag and throw it in the air! He no do am oh. Haba OBO! What are you the baddest for nau? Abi you don’t think he should have thrown money for the boys?

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