Wahala for who no take Toke advice oh! Since we heard that Lori Harvey is in a relationship with Black Panther star Micheal .B. Jordan we have all been wondering how the girl does it.

Just incase you didn’t know, Lori Harvey is Steve Harvey’s daughter she has dated stars like rapper Future and even Puff Daddy and guess what? She’s only 24! Aunty Toke is now advising all Nigerian young ladies to be like her oh.

According to Toke, Lori Harvey levels up after every relationship, meaning her next boyfriend is always better than the last either in popularity or in MONEY! In fact, if Lori Harvey decided to give ladies a master class aunty Toke a 36-year-old woman said she will go!

I agree that Lori is always leveling up oh, and I don’t want to assume I know what aunty Toke is talking about. Guys nko? Should they be looking for rich women to level up with any is it only girls that can level up! Will you be taking her advice?

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