Everyday we hear one news or the other about this Dangote’s ex. Another one has dropped! After showing the entire world the richest man in Africa’s (Dangote’s) backside, their relationship fell apart and since then it’s been from one mess to another.

How the heck Do you think you will show Dangote’s backside to the whole world and go scottfree? It’s only in Nigeria we don’t use our Lawyers. But you Western Countries? Even for beans they will sue you.

That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise when news reached us that Dangote is dragging this aunty to court for breaching his privacy! She was to pay a fine of about 20,000USD.

We haven’t even finish with this one now we are hearing another one.

News reaching us now is that she has been evicted from her house for owing house rent. 6months house rent?

But she was dating Dangote that time now?
According to Premium times these two have been love birds for 10years until the whole backside saga happened.

How can you date Dangote for 10 years and leave the relationship broke?

A Nigerian girl cannot do this ooh! Ah ah, it’s not all the  ‘take care of yourself money’ that enter your hand that you must spend nau!

I beg Who Born this Pikin? This one that she was owing rent even while dating Dangote is it that he didn’t take care of her well or she’s not a wise child?

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