This marriage tin sef.

While some people wish they were married, some can’t wait to get out of their marriage. This life no balance at all.

On Tuesday, a woman, Aishatu Suleiman, collapsed after a judge refused to dissolve her marriage.

The woman had filed a request before a Sharia Court in Bachi, that her six-year-old marriage be dissolved on the grounds of been humiliated and maltreated by her husband, Umar MaiAuduga.

But, the judge refused to grant her request. According to him, the guardians of the couple had submitted a five-paragraph resolution agreeing that the marriage be continued. When he said it, the Aishatu stood up and shouted;

“It’s not true! That was not what we agreed on."
The judge just ignored her and said that he had accepted the resolution and the couple should kuku forgive and forget.

As he said this thing laidis, Aishatu, who was crying, just collapsed. Her family members (ie her brother and mother) who were outside the courtroom, took her out.

Her husband’s lawyer, Aliyu Libata, who didn’t want what happened in the court to get out, pleaded with the judge to order the journalists in the room wee not report it. But, the judge was like, it’s a free world biko. In his words;

“So long as this court was open to everyone to be a part of this proceeding, I cannot ask anyone not to tell people outside what transpired in the court.”
Her lawyer sha said that they’ll appeal the decision of the court.

Wahala for who dey by-fire-by-force marriage o.
Shey if marriage aff tire somebody, it’s to divorce? Biko, comman tell us what you think in the comment section.

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