Controversial blogger Kemi Olunloyo called out Davido for refusing to give due credit to the owner of a quote.

Familiar with the quote “We rise by lifting others"? Yes! That’s it. If you follow Davido well, you might want to associate him with this quote because he is most likely the first celebrity to tweet the quote and If you recall, the tweet went viral.

Well here’s what Kemi Olunloyo had to say

If you ask me, this comes from a standpoint of spite. We all know how madam Kemi has been on Davido’s trail and investigating his escapades with women. 

An example was her filming a mystery little girl and her mother who claimed Davido is the father of the little girl. 

Davido debunked the allegations and took legal actions, since then Kemi became a care provider to the child. Since then, it’s either Kemi is gaslighting, throwing subtle jabs or openly attacking Davido whenever she deems fit.

Madam Kemi, was there any point in time Davido claimed ownership of the quote? Like it or not, that there are some quotes we use normally and we don’t know the source, all that matters is that it resonates with us.

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