American radio presenter, Charlamagne has criticized Grammy-winning artist, Burna Boy’s recent comments on parenthood.

Recall that during an Instagram session, Burna Boy revealed that he has not yet had biological children because he feels he is not ready to give them the love and attention he believes they deserve, citing his desire to provide more than he received from his parents.

Discussing Burna Boy’s remarks on the Breakfast Club segment shared online Wednesday, May 29, 2024, Charlamagne expressed disagreement with Burna Boy’s reasoning, particularly in Nigerian cultural context.

He remarked, “What type of Nigerian is Burna Boy? He is 32 years old; he is supposed to have 8 kids by now. A 32-year-old Nigerian man is supposed to have 8 kids at that age, especially with the money Burna Boy has.”

Charlamagne’s comments have sparked discussions among listeners and fans, with many weighing in on cultural expectations versus personal choices regarding family planning.

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