What will people not do, ehn? Now smuggling of animals, especially endangered species, is fast becoming a norm. From parrots stuffed in plastic bottles to reptiles smuggled from Mexico to turtles and tortoise taped in a luggage.

This time, dozens of protected chameleons were discovered in a briefcase belonging to a 56-year-old man returning from Tanzania at the Vienna airport in  Austria.

I bet the passenger, who’s yet to be identified, thought the chameleons could outsmart the X-ray as they’re good at camouflage themselves. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Upon opening his briefcase, 74 chameleons were found hidden in socks and boxes. This could fetch him a fortune of about 37,000 euros (that’s like $44,970) in the black market. That’s to show you what a treasure the animals were.

The chameleons had immediately been transferred to Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna for further examination and care. Unfortunately, three did not survive. Statement from zoo experts gives a hint of where the chameleons are from “the Usambara Mountains, a currently very rainy and cool region in Tanzania,".

The culprit could face a fine of up to 6,000 euros. “Itaf be" things for him! ?

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