Legendary rapper and mum, Cardi B is trending online again. This time, it’s not for her music launch or any of her hilarious posts or videos but she’s been called out by many of her fans for her outlandish reaction in one of her videos where she was seen dancing to one of her songs.

Mid-way into the 11 seconds video, she was seen to have turned off the song when she noticed the presence of her 2-year-old daughter, Kulture.

This has sparked reactions and evoked outburst in form of comments amongst her fans.

While some of her fans applauded her for her swift action as they do not see anything wrong in what she did, others have called her out and termed her music as “age inappropriate contents.”

In her response, she backed up the reasons for her action saying “parents are responsible for what their children watches or listen to.” 

Also, she made it clear that she is a sexual person but not around her child and besides she makes music for adults not kids.

Finally, she advised parents to censor what their kids watches.

Irrespective of her pasts, I see Cardi B as just another concerned mother who is looking out for her child by putting her acts in order in her child’s presence.

She understands that kids learn faster by visuals and sounds and Kulture may pick up the lyrics unconsciously. Hence, her reason for turning off her music.

If you are of the opinion that she did the wrong thing, I would love to know why.

What do you think of Cardi’s reaction?

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