See ehn, Nigerians are talented gan, it’s just the opportunity and financial support that’s lacking in most cases. Quote me anywhere!!

A 30-year-old old man, Mr. Auwal Hassan, built a car that was Unveiled by Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, Minister of Science and Technology.

The car is a machine!! It has six horsepower engine speed and its speed capacity is 50 kilometres per hour. Not just that o. It also has a five gear transmission. You see why I said it’s a machine?

Dr. Onu, using Mr. Auwal as a perfect example, na advised youths to goan learn skills so they can be producing goods and services instead of importing them. Doing this will help in creating more employment  and increase the country’s GDP.

He also said the ministry will support and partner with young people who are innovators.

This wan is sweeting me fa.

The Director-General of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Prof. Mohammed Haruna, said that after the car had been assessed by the agency, it had decided to partner with Mr. Hassan to make sure the car’s standard and quality is greatly improved.

That means, we’ll be expecting more from Mr. Hassan abi?

What’s your take on all this? Do you think these promises are going to be fulfilled or just empty promises? We’re waiting for you in the comment section.

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