“Order it! I’ll pay for you!” that’s the magic sentence  Lilo used to open the door to dragging land. A random twittter user was admiring Dorathy Bachor’s trousers that she can have because according to her “ poverty has refused to leave her” 

In the spirit of the season, Lilo decided to gift the pants to the young lady, that’s how she bought market. An upcoming graphic designer Bolu wanted to be on her team so bad he reached out to her representatives. 

After the back and forth Bolu was given a chance to show off his design skills and from what I saw he killed it! It’s not today established businesses started taking advantage of upcoming talent that’s why Twitter NG couldn’t let this one slide oh. 

After Bolu gave his story in detail, from how he had sleepless nights designing for Lilo only for her to use his work and not give him credit or pay! This kind of thing can pain sha! 

Lilo and her team have tried to justify their actions by claiming that the thing this young designer designed were a test! Even me I will not agree! After the dragging on Twiter, Lilo and her team asked the young man how much he wanted to be paid and he requested 70k. Although the boy has being dragged for being cheap, you can’t blame him oooh! At least he got paid.

Just months ago, a young woman called out popular comedian I Go Dye for promising to link her up with Duncan Mighty for a feature and buy her a car! Has the hard work of people become a publicity stunt for some of thes celebrities? Many young talents are out there doing free work just so they can be known, I am in full support of pay before service! What’s your take on this issue?

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