Somewhere in Accra,  some “baby-harvesters" are in hot peppersoup. 

The suspects were napped after selling two babies to investigators at $5,000 and $4,800 each. Omo see yawa! ?

The syndicate is made up of two doctors, four nurses, two mothers, two social welfare officers and a traditional birth attendant. Highly specialized syndicate if you ask me. 

The investigation which led to the arrest had been ongoing for some months now after the authority was tipped off by a taxi driver. Taking the lead in the investigation was the Ghana Medical and Dental Council and the Economic and Organized Crime Office.

Their mode of operation, according to report, was either telling the victims that their babies died during childbirth or encouraging mothers with little means of caring for the baby to sell. 

The licenses of the doctors have been seized pending the court judgement. Their case is sorry if found guilty. 

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