Ace Nigerian singer, 9ice has cemented his place as one of the genre’s most prolific artists. His discography boasts a staggering number of studio albums, with OBSERVATORY marking a remarkable twelfth entry.

His latest offering testifies to 9ice’s commitment to his gift of music and his enduring passion for delivering getting the music to his fans.

While critical reception for some of 9ice’s recent projects may have been mixed, his commitment to artistic evolution is undeniable. With OBSERVATORY, however, there’s a palpable shift. It feels like a return to form, a glorious homecoming to the sound that catapulted 9ice to stardom in the early days – the era of the iconic Gongo Aso.

The ten-track solo album is a pure, unadulterated dose of 9ice. There are no features here, just the raw talent that invited his audience over a decade ago. OBSERVATORY feels like nostalgic journey for longtime fans, transporting them back to the electrifying energy and infectious rhythms that defined 9ice’s golden era.

The album title itself sparks intrigue. An observatory is a place of focused observation, a vantage point from which to study the world around us. Could this signify a period of introspection for 9ice? Perhaps OBSERVATORY represents a culmination of his experiences, a reflection on his journey translated into music.

One thing remains certain, OBSERVATORY is a must-listen for any devoted 9ice fan. It’s a showcase of his quintessential sound. Whether OBSERVATORY ushers in a new era of artistic exploration for 9ice or serves as a victory lap celebrating his legacy, one thing’s for sure: it’s a highly anticipated release that promises to reignite the fire for old and new fans.


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