When we were babies it’s tribal songs our mothers and grandmas use to get us to keep quiet when we are crying oh. 


But this generation of children are way ahead of their time! Davido’s Jowo is like bottom pot rice, when it first came out it really didn’t hit but after some months plus a mad, clean video the song started to hit different


Coupled with the current #Slowmochallenge the Jowo song is blowing again. A random tweeter user shared a video of her little 3year old nephew all the way in Australia singing Jowo to his crying baby brother to pacify him.

It was cuteness overload! She hid and made the video while the little one sang Jowo to stop his brother from crying before he gave up to look for help. This video has gotten tons of reactions and ‘Awwwns’, lots of shares from celebrities and even Davido. 

People have gone as far as saying Davido’s music is suitable for all ages, hian me I don’t know about that one oh. Is Davido’s music suitable for all ages? 

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