Magixx And Jeriq Team Up For Infectious New Single ‘Vibration’

The Nigerian music scene sometimes thrives on unexpected collaborations, and the latest team-up between Magixx and Jeriq on Vibration perfectly exemplifies that magic.

While it might seem like an unusual pairing on paper, reality begs to differ. Magixx with his smooth vocals and laid-back melodies, contrasts with Jeriq’s usual streetwise bars and energetic delivery. Yet, on Vibration, these seemingly disparate styles come together in perfect harmony.

Fresh off the relative success of his acclaimed single, Okay, Magixx wastes no time in delivering another one. Vibration pulsates with an upbeat, gyration-inducing rhythm, courtesy of the production duo Dummex and OG Sterling. It’s the perfect canvas for Magixx’s signature smooth vocals to effortlessly weave through, creating a captivating sound.

However, the true brilliance of Vibration lies in the unexpected guest appearance by Jeriq. While some might have expected a jarring shift in tone, Jeriq seamlessly complements Magixx. He didn’t overpower the track with his usual intensity but instead found a sweet spot, delivering bars brimming with depth that perfectly complemented Magixx’s laid-back swagger.

This West-to-East collaboration between Magixx and Jeriq proves that music transcends stylistic boundaries. Vibration is poised to become an anthem, with its infectious rhythm and captivating lyrics that seamlessly blend Magixx’s charm and Jeriq’s streetwise wisdom.

Listen to Vibration here.

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