FAVE Surrenders To Love In ‘Controlla’

Following her stellar performance in the visuals of Davido’s hit record, Kante, FAVE returns to the spotlight with a brand new single dubbed Controlla. The impressive track explores an interesting side of FAVE – one where she completely surrenders to love.

Controlla throws the reins to love, with FAVE singing about being swept off her feet by a captivating love interest she calls “Asake Baby.” The mellifluous instrumentation, co-produced by Niphkeys and Saszy, provides the perfect backdrop for her excitement and infatuation.

The new release marks FAVE’s second official single of the year, following the release of Belong To You. Controlla attests to her continuous growth and willingness to explore different facets of love in her music.

The song’s title, a playful twist on the word “controller,” hints at a delicious power struggle. Is FAVE truly surrendering control, o is she simply enjoying the exhilarating ride of a new romance? The answer remains open to interpretation, leaving the listeners to ponder the complexities of love and desire.

With its catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and immense energy, Controlla is sure on it’s way to become a fan favourite. Allow yourself be swept away by FAVE’s infectious charm and her captivating exploration of love’s intoxicating power.

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