Nigerian International star, Tiwa Savage, has hosted a press conference to unveil the journey behind her latest cinematic endeavor, Water & Garri.

Expressing gratitude to her collaborative team in a video that surfaced online on Friday, May 10, 2024, Savage shed light on the conception of the movie and the extensive two-year process it took to bring it to fruition.

Addressing reporters, Savage disclosed that the idea for Water & Garri first sprouted during a spontaneous moment of inspiration while she was inebriated in her private quarters. Initially skeptical of its potential reception, she confessed her astonishment when her team embraced the concept wholeheartedly, refining it into a tangible reality.

Reflecting on the intricate process of production, Savage emphasized the dedication and effort invested by every individual involved. From conception to execution, the project demanded meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment, culminating in a cinematic masterpiece poised for public consumption.

Savage’s foray into filmmaking marks a significant shift from her illustrious music career, a decision she attributed to her lifelong passion for acting. However, she candidly admitted that her transition to music was influenced by personal circumstances, revealing that she initially pursued acting as her primary vocation

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